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Prices for translation and proofreading are based on the number of source words. The prices below serve only as a guide. The final price depends on a number of aspects and will be calculated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Extent of the text (number of source words)

  • Difficulty of the text (general text vs. specialized text)

  • Deadline (standard delivery vs. express delivery)

  • File format (editable vs. non-editable formats)

  • Potential repetitions in the text (highly repetitive text – lower price)

In some cases, it is more convenient to apply an hourly rate (translation of non-editable formats, proofreading, updates of translated documents).

Approximate prices:


0.08 EUR/source word


0.03 EUR/source word

Hourly rate

25 EUR

Payment methods – bank transfer (30 days from invoice date), PayPal

I am not a registered VAT payer.

All documents are treated as strictly confidential.

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