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Precision and Meticulousness

Having more than 10 years of experience in the field of medical translation, I deal with translations in a wide range of medical topics. My main concerns in this field are precision and attention to detail, which are also important in other types of translation, but in the medical field, they are fundamental.

Main document types:

  • Summaries of product characteristics (SPC/PIL)

  • Clinical trial agreements (CTA), clinical trial related documentation

  • Instructions for use (IFU) for medical devices

  • Medical research articles, abstracts of articles, case reports

  • Informed consent forms (ICF)

  • Pharmaceutical sales aids

My clients and end clients include major international pharmaceutical companies, producers of medical and pharmaceutical devices, producers of biotechnologies, providers of biopharmaceutical services, European regulatory companies, faculties of medicine, and hospitals.

Medical form with stethoscope
Mechanical Engineer's Sketch


Attention to Detail

I have more than 19 years of experience with translating technical documents in various fields – civil engineering,  material testing, cars and trucks, car diagnostics, agricultural and forestry machinery, industrial pumps, electronic devices, household appliances, precision instruments etc.

Main document types:

  • User manuals

  • Instructions for use

  • Reports

  • Declaration of conformity

  • Safety data sheets

  • Scientific articles

  • Article abstracts

  • Documentation for grants

My direct clients and end clients range from large international corporations to small or medium-sized companies from all over the world, as well as universities and scientific institutions.


Fluency and adequacy

I have more than 10 years of experience with translating texts related to the European Union. I have translated a number of verbatim reports from the European Parliament as well as many other documents related to EU issues, and a great deal of educational material (both EU and non-EU).

Main document types:

  • Verbatim reports from the European Parliament

  • Periodical Reports

  • Various EU-related documents

  • Educational materials and books

My end clients are various EU institutions and government bodies in the Czech Republic.

Open Book
Computer Circuit Board Macro


Expert Service

My experience in the field of IT is also longer than 10 years. Apart from translating and proofreading various websites or parts of webites, I have translated instructions of use for software and hardware, and I also participated in the localization of new versions of software for one of the world´s leading software companies.

Main document types:

  • Software localization

  • UI and UA localization

  • Website localization

  • Games

  • HW + SW manuals

  • Software licenses

My end clients range from small private business owners to large multinational producers of computer software.

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